Asset Management and Maintenance

Gulf Utility uses KARDIA, a holistic information management software to provide proactive maintenance of our clients' assets. In our initial survey of our client's systems, all equipment is logged into KARDIA with relevant information including GPS location, age of equipment, condition and an image of the equipment. KARDIA generates a projected maintenance schedule and expected lifespan for that equipment, allowing our clients to budget well in advance for repairs and replacements.  In addition, we include valve exercising within our standard maintenance program.

Asset Management | Proactive Maintenance

Gulf Utility has pioneered a revolutionary approach to asset management. All equipment is logged into our master database (KARDIA). As the operators input the daily plant reads into KARDIA, the asset management and proactive maintenance (AM|PM) program creates a projection of expected repairs and life expectancy of the equipment. This information allows for an organized and planned approach to asset management, saving our clients unexpected expenses and budgeting issues.

Hydraulic Valve Exercising

Properly functioning valves are essential to any resource management plan. Gulf Utility employs a hydraulic valve exerciser as part of a valve maintenance program. All district valves are entered into KARDIA, and the corresponding valve information and maintenance record is completed in KARDIA when the technician completes their survey.