Compliance Assistance


Gulf Utility Service provides proactive compliance support to our Districts. From daily plant monitoring using the latest in technology, to monthly logs, to the annual Consumer Confidence Report (CCR), our compliance team can be counted on to monitor and help maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.

This requires ongoing communication with Operators, Managers, Customer Service, and Regulatory Agencies themselves. Once samples are received, they are reviewed and monitored for any reportable events or trends. Immediate action is taken in these cases, and the plant and operations are evaluated for the source. All permit data and lab results are available to operators and supervisors.


In the event of an Inspection, our Compliance personnel prepare all required documents on a data drive to ensure compliance and facilitate Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) inspections. Our Compliance staff maintains detailed files for any needed inspection or audit.



Our labs provide daily updates for all lab results, and more frequently in the event of a potential excursion. Immediate/Emergency communication is automatically done on an as-needed basis, which could be as often as hourly. Text and emails are also sent to maximize communication efforts. Our field operators are notified immediately via iPhone so that additional samples, if needed, or corrective action, can be taken.


Reporting requirements, data, documents and final reports are all available within our system and aid in monitoring progress as well as maintaining compliance. Our Compliance staff prepares and submits all required reporting for the TCEQ and other regulatory authorities on time, every time. Gulf Utility offers all required reporting, including but not limited to:

  • CCR
  • DCP
  • DHS
  • DMR
  • Lead & Copper Samples
  • Pumpage Reports
  • Red Flag Program
  • SJRA
  • Sludge Reports
  • Water Use Surveys
  • Water/Wastewater Annual Reports
  • WCP