Customer Service

Gulf Utility has one of the most responsive and interactive customer service programs in the industry. Our monthly training meetings for all of our customer service representatives ensures a high level of professionalism and responsiveness.  We are available 24|7 via call-in and email, and our clients also have the option of live chat during business hours. In an emergency situation, we use 'Dial My Calls' to quickly and effectively reach our residents.

Photo by GeorgeRudy/iStock / Getty Images

Customer Interface Options

Gulf Utility has three simple options for customer service issues: call-in, on the web via chat and email, and walk-in.  All interactions are recorded and tracked as a part of the client's history, and our telephones are answered 24 hours a day.

Customer Payment Options

There are four options for bill payment: phone, online using PayClixs, mail, and walk-in.  Our Payclixs payment services has a 40% reduction in fees from industry standards, and many of our clients have migrated to this option.  Our pay-by-phone system is quick and intuitive as well.  In addition, our residential clients are always welcome to pay in person at our three locations.  Our payment tracking has been praised by leading industry auditors.

Emergency COmmunciations

This program allows Gulf Utility to send a recording or text message to all customers with a click of a button. This helpful tool can be used to keep customers aware of emergency information during extreme weather events and to relay important information during those events