End User Management

Gulf Utility Service, Inc., is an industry leader in end user management and customer service, providing meter reading, billing services, customer assistance, and payment management. Trust Gulf Utility to provide the highest level of quality customer service and client communications to all of your residential clients.


Meter Reading

Gulf Utility’s meter reading team is equipped with handheld meter reading units, sequenced to each district for accurate and more efficient meter reading. While in the area, meter readers can note missing meter lids, broken meters, leaks, swimming pools being installed and other issues which can be addressed immediately using their web device. 

All meter reads are submitted electronically, minimizing input errors. Customer usage is uploaded to their account instantaneously. The reads are uploaded to our cloud-based resource management system, allowing immediate access and updates throughout all of our offices.  Gulf Utility provides accuracy and accountability to our customers regarding their usage.

Billing Services

Customer bills are generated using our automated reading system, after which they are quality checked and audited. These steps help to ensure accuracy and are one final check before the bills are mailed. 

The district’s current billing cycle is maintained for the benefit of the district’s residents to ensure a seamless transition. Material for notification of the transition will be provided by Gulf Utility Service. 


Payment Options

We offer both electronic and mailed statements and late notices, with the ability to pay online, by mail, through online banking, in person at one of our payment locations, or by using one of our after-hours drop boxes. Upon receipt, payments are immediately posted to the customer account and district funds deposited to the district’s account within 24 hours, excluding holidays and weekends

Online Processing.png


Our most popular payment option offered is our pay by phone/online payment options. PayClix offers a 24/7 service to pay bills. 90% of our Districts participate in the PayClix program, and 1/3 or more, of all residents use this program. The payment is immediately and automatically reported to the Gulf Utility Payment Center. PayClix saves residents time in mailing or dropping off their payments, as well as money savings in gas and postage. PayClix accepts payments from checking or savings accounts (eCheck, ACH) or payments using credit cards/bank cards (MasterCard, VISA and Discover). PayClix also offers a 24/7 “pay by phone” payment availability. PayClix can securely store the resident’s payment information for future use if selected by the resident. 

The online payment service offered through PayClix chargers a 3.5% service fee for the convenience of making an online payment, one of the lowest in the industry. Most customers find this small fee well worth the cost of gas, stamps, etc. This service is about 30% cheaper than other major utility services.

Just In Time

The Just in Time program auto drafts payments from the account specified two days before the water bill is due if the bill hasn’t been paid by the due date. The majority of customers have opted to use Just in Time payments to ensure bills are paid on time. 

Email Notifications

Residents receive an initial email when new bills are sent, plus a reminder email two days before the due date. 

Customer Assistance and interface

Using the same automated technology throughout our systems and all locations, we are able to provide instant and accurate communication to the customer through all of our offices. Our employees are internally trained to handle all customer payment and customer service concerns.

Responsive website and Account Snapshot

Our updated website is easy to navigate and highly responsive to residential and district customer service needs.  Live chat support adds to the ease of use.

Our newest addition to our client interface system is a 'account snapshot,' a residential account portal available on the Gulf Utility Service, Inc. website.  Using this portal, our residential clients are able to instantly access account information including water usage, payment and work-order history, previous statements and district rates/fees.  The customer is also able to cancel service and access office information 24/7.

Multiple Office Locations

We have multiple office locations for personal assistance, including payments, billing inquiries, initiation/termination of service, and all other service needs. Click here for office locations.

Phone Answering Service

We have a state-of-the-art phone answering system. All of our phone calls are answered by a live-customer service representative during business hours and by a live answering service after-hours. All phone calls are logged to the individual resident’s account, and if any additional research or other work is needed, a customer issue is created. The issue automatically generates an email notification to the person who created it as well as to the appropriate representatives for follow-up. Every time a follow-up action occurs, an email notification is sent to the person who created the issue as well as the Customer Service Manager until the issue is closed.