Maintenance Services

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Rapid Response Team

Each district has a dedicated staff of service technicians assigned to that system. This team is available 24/7 for all maintenance and repair needs. Using our work order system and repair tracking information, Gulf Utility Service provides rapid responses to all of the district's maintenance, repair and replacement needs. Click here to learn more about Kardia Resource Management and Gulf Utility Service's use of technology to provide high quality maintenance services.


Hydraulic Valve Exercising

Properly functioning valves are essential to any resource management plan.  Gulf Utility Service, Inc deploys a hydraulic valve exerciser as part of a valve maintenance program.  All district valves are entered into KARDIA, and the corresponding valve information and maintenance record is completed in KARDIA when the technician completes their suvey.  The exerciser provides useful information about the valve such as revolutions, GPS location, and the relative torque of each valve.Using a hand-held camera, the technician will also capture an image of the valve box to ensure accessibility and provide a digital record of the valves' condition. 

Valve Exerciser

Valve Exerciser

Work Order System

Gulf Utility’s fully integrated system, Kardia, allows any team member to create a work-order at any time. Team members have 24 hour access to the system via any web-based device. Assigned work orders are displayed on the home page of each team member’s device.

This system allows for issues to be reported in real time. Field personnel may also generate their own work orders in the field using their wireless devices. The operator can enter leak size, flow and other pertinent data as well as record their time and materials used. Mission Control is immediately notified with an email and can respond quickly to emergencies or repair planning.


Repair Tracking

All Repairs and Service calls for the District are entered into a follow up job queue. All future calls, invoices, repairs, inspections and other related tasks are linked to the same job for follow up and tracking. A job status report is emailed daily to the team members who are assigned to the specific work orders. This allows the operator to communicate effectively with the District on a timely basis regarding repairs and expenses and helps ensure that all actionable items have been completed. Truck tracking helps Gulf Utility be as responsive as possible when the onsite is in need of assistance.

Preventative Maintenance

Gulf Utility performs daily plant inspections for ongoing maintenance (lubricating, calibrating, etc.), as well as quarterly on-site surveys of all plants. This helps to prevent future, more costly repairs when repairs can be made in advance.   

Gulf Utility also has state-of-the-art preventive maintenance programs which has continuous, instantaneous monitoring of equipment.  This includes Asset Management for Budgeting purposes, proper effectiveness, minimize equipment failure, and lowering operating costs.


Weather Response Unit (WRU)

Gulf Utility Service responds to emergencies 24/7, and we are equipped with emergency response plans and drought-related communications for seamless operations during extreme weather events. Our Weather Response Unit (WRU) is Gulf's 'secret weapon' in quick and effective emergency services.  The all-terrain vehicle is equipped with storm response tools and can be used with Gulf Utility response equipment.  The higher-than-normal ground clearance means that the WRU is deployable in extreme rain events, while the power train and engine assist in high-wind conditions.  The 3/4 ton truck also carries containers of fuel for emergency use.   

Multiple Locations = Multiple Equipment Options 

Gulf Utility Service houses excavation, pumping and other needed equipment throughout our offices. With four Houston-area office locations, as well as our field operations in Austin and Brownwood, Texas, we are able to quickly direct equipment to any location needed. Our Conroe resources also allow us to have availability of emergency equipment in case of extreme weather events or natural disaster emergencies.

We also have solid ties with the industry’s top subcontractors for backup as well as the ability to obtain any additional assistance needed at a moment’s notice.