Mission Control Center

Located deep in the heart of our central office, our mission control center is responsible for monitoring and coordinating everyday activities in our plants, districts, and systems. 


Work Orders

When a work order is generated in Kardia, Mission Control is instantly notified that a work order has been received.  The team then electronically directs the work order to the appropriate party for repairs and/or further investigation of the issue.  The field team is in constant electronic communication with Mission Control, and the team tracks each issue through its successful resolution.


Tracking Our Team

Using KARDIA and our 'Mission Control' team, we are able to determine the location of all of our trucks and service technicians with the touch of a button. When our Mission Control team receives a work order, they are able to effectively mobilize our team members in the most efficient manner possible. We use satellite technology to provide accurate estimates of wait times and service windows to our customers.


Operational Data and Compliance

 Our Mission Control team is constantly monitoring the water quality at the plant as well as water quality levels extending out to drop points throughout our districts, allowing for immediate action in the case of quality issues or leaks.  We are also equipped to provide updates to district managers quickly as needed.  In addition, KARDIA provides all necessary compliance reports and information with the click of a button allowing for rapid-real time reporting and instant compliance with TCEQ requests and inspections