Tap Into Technology with Gulf Utility

Gulf Utility uses technology to increase our efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and reliability.  We've developed our own information management program, KARDIA, to simplify and streamline our internal and external work flow & to ensure that we are accountable to our clients at all times.  We have client and consultant portals for 24|7 access to plant, district and billing information, we have revolutionized our customer service program using KARDIA, and we have a dedicated 'Mission Control' center in our main office that tracks all activity in our districts. Read more below...

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Kardia: One Program | No loose ends


Gulf Utility has developed a master software program called KARDIA that is revolutionary in this industry. At Gulf, every single interaction that occurs within a system and for a client is logged and tracked IN REAL TIME within this master program. The days of manual meter reading, lengthy delays in work order completion, and lapses in customer service accountability are gone. In their place is the new, agile, and reliable Gulf Utility as powered by KARDIA.


Mission Control Center


Mission Control

At Gulf Utility, we have a 'Mission Control' center in our main office with a dedicated team that oversees all of the activity in each district.  This team facilitates work-order completion, schedules repairs and routine maintenance, coordinates equipment updates and tracks our trucks and service technicians throughout the day.  This 'mission control' team is designed to address our clients' day-to-day issues in the most efficient and timely manner possible. 



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Customer Service

KARDIA creates a detailed history of every interaction with every customer ranging from recording phone or web interactions to looking up detailed billing information and service history with the touch of a button. This information is linked to the account billing history, water usage, and other pertinent account information and can be easily accessed by the client and the representative. In the case of an emergency, Gulf Utility has the capacity to quickly place emergency calls to all clients and to track the response to the emergency calls.


Consultant and Client Portals


At Gulf Utility, all of the information about your district, business, or residence is available through our convenient online portals.  Information is updated in real-time & you can access the portal 24|7. Our consultants and engineers also have access to the portal & can quickly review plant information or equipment maintenance history. Residental and business customers can access their account history and pay their bill using the portal.