Plant Operations

With Gulf Utility in charge of your plant's operations, you can expect efficiency, speed and accountability. Our district management software, KARDIA, connects operations, asset management and maintenance seamlessly, allowing for proactive budgeting of anticipated replacement and repair of equipment. Gulf Utility Service, Inc. assigns a licensed operator to all of our districts and clients, and our management team is trained in CMOM (Capacity, Maintenance, Operation, and Management). Our operators use mobile devices to quickly and efficiently coordinate repairs, address plant concerns, and log daily information.

Gulf Utility Employee - 20170612_093906.jpg

Scope of work

  • Daily Site Visits
  • Daily Plant Inspections
  • Daily Logs
  • Sampling
  • Maintaining System Pressures
  • Reports
  • Repairs
  • Water Treatment
  • Lift Stations
  • Water Distribution
  • Water Auditing
  • Surveys

Water Plant Operations

Our certified operators ensure that plants are well maintained, clean, and kept in good working order. For water plants, we specialize in ground water/surface water conversion, monitoring and operations to provide the highest quality water service possible to all customers. We provide constant monitoring to maximize savings through minimal water loss and chemical use.  Gulf Utility operators and managers are experienced in watching for unusual trends in water usage. These are noted and reported for further investigation.

Wastewater Operations

Our experienced technicians oversee the wastewater treatment plants, ensuring that wastewater is treated in an ecologically sound manner and recycled back into the system when possible.  We adhere to all TCEQ recommendations and assist our clients in developing innovative wastewater treatment solutions.