MUD Management & Billing

Our M.U.D. management program is designed to ensure that the residential and commercial clients within a district are satisfied with their district's choice in a water utility company. From our intuitive website design to our professional technician staff, our clients are guaranteed an excellent experience with Gulf Utility.  When a M.U.D. switches to Gulf Utility, we work closely with the board members to ensure that the transfer of residential services is done in a seamless manner and that all billing information is transferred effectively.

Photo by MariuszBlach/iStock / Getty Images

Scope of work

  • Meter reading
  • Billing
  • Customer Service
  • Account portal maintenance
  • Leak detection and repairs
  • Website maintenance
  • District-wide communications
  • Emergency procedures and plans

On-Site Professionalism

Gulf Utility’s residential work fleet consists of clearly branded trucks & equipment operated by badged technicians. We background check all of our employees, and our technicians are trained in customer service as well as technical issues.  We will work to ensure that your residential clients feel secure when repairs are being made in the district. 

Guaranteed Client Interface Satisfaction

Our newly designed Gulf Utility website is user friendly & our residential clients love the ease of access.  With a ‘live chat’ button and instant account information available via the ‘customer portal,’ our residential and commercial clients within a district can use the Gulf Utility website for all of their utility needs and concerns. This ease of access has led to a high degree of client satisfaction with Gulf Utility.

Simplified Billing

Gulf Utility has an easy-to-understand billing form and we offer a wide variety of different ways to pay the bill.  The residential client has access to their historical billing information 24/7 via the online residential client portal, reducing billing errors and misunderstandings.

Transition Management

We will maintain the district’s current billing cycle and we will provide all material needed to notify your residential clients about the transition.  We will also provide Gulf Utility informational magnets free of charge to all residents of the district. Using information provided by your current provider, we will update Kardia with the residents’ historical data, allowing residential clients immediate access to this information via the residential portal.