Sustainability and Compliance

Gulf Utility’s primary mission is to sustainably manage, treat and conserve water, our most precious resource. Our commitment to sustainable design means that we will work with your district to find the most efficient and responsible approach to water reuse, irrigation design and water loss prevention. On the compliance side, Gulf is a trusted service provider of TCEQ & is well equipped to meet all compliance and accountability needs with comprehensive support.

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Accountability and water loss prevention

KARDIA, our comprehensive management software, tracks water production vs. water consumption, alerting Gulf Utility to any discrepancies so that leaks and inefficiencies can be promptly addressed. KARDIA will send out alerts to key personnel advising them of SVI’s, erratic plant flows, out of limit sample results and action alerts. Our management accountability policies include:

  • Electronic meter reading
  • Automated accountability projections
  • Meter readers generate work orders
  • Fire hydrant and valve surveys
  • Meter change-out programs
  • Regularly scheduled flushing programs
  • Weekly drive through the districts
  • Immediate emergency leak repairs

Water reuse

Gulf Utility is committed to finding the most efficient use reuse for grey water. Our strategies can include the use of wastewater treatment plant effluent in irrigation systems and the installation and maintenance of non -potable water systems at treatment facilities.

Synchronized Irrigation Plan

Using KARDIA, we evaluate our client's irrigation needs throughout the year and develop a synchronized irrigation plan to ensure that the water levels are always adequate for the season.

Compliance and Inspections

We help all of our clients adhere to SB181, which states “Not later than January 1, 2013, the Texas Water Development Board and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, in consultation with the Water Conservation Advisory Council, shall develop the water use and conservation calculation methodology and guidance and the data collection and reporting program required by Subsections (b) and (d), Section 16.403, Water Code.”

We also provide comprehensive compliance support. During a State Inspection, our compliance personnel will prepare all required documents & will facilitate the TCEQ inspection.