Water Conservation

Water Accountability

Gulf Utility Service treats water accountability as the highest priority.  We have policies and procedures in place for steps to be taken when water loss is suspected.  Gulf Utility Service’s utility software directly ties water production vs. water consumption, alerting Gulf to any discrepancies so that leaks and inefficiencies can be promptly addressed.

Plans to Minimize Water Loss  

Gulf Utility Service partners with our districts to develop a comprehensive and personalized water-loss prevention plans. These water-loss prevention plans include meter change-out programs, commercial meter testing, hydrant/valve sounding, master meter testing and the use of the latest technology and contractors in leak detection.

Groundwater Conservation & Drought Contingency Plans  

We work closely with each District to ensure the guidelines of the groundwater conservation and drought contingency plans are implemented and followed. In-house monitoring includes reporting, meter change outs and leak monitoring and management. Gulf Utility Service's state of the art monitoring program continually compares the water produced to the water consumed, and highlights discrepancies so that leaks and inefficiencies can be addressed promptly.


We help all of our Districts adhere to SB181, which states “Not later than January 1, 2013, the Texas Water Development Board and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, in consultation with the Water Conservation Advisory Council, shall develop the water use and conservation calculation methodology and guidance and the data collection and reporting program required by Subsections (b) and (d), Section 16.403, Water Code.”

Water ReUse  

Gulf Utility Service has worked with numerous master planned communities on their irrigation water reuse systems. Our strategies include the use of wastewater treatment plant effluent in golf course irrigation systems and the installation and maintenance of non potable water systems at treatment facilities. We also have experience in wet play grounds and car wash systems.   

Synchronized Irrigation Planning (SIP)

Gulf Utility Service evaluates irrigation usage throughout the year using our automated water accountability system. Using that data, we work with the Homeowner's Association (HOA) to establish and set into place synchronized plans to help ensure that adequate water levels are maintained consistently throughout the year.