Gulf Utility and KARDIA

KARDIA: One Program | No Loose Ends

Gulf Utility has developed a revolutionary master software program called KARDIA. At the New Gulf, every single interaction that occurs relating to your district is logged and tracked within this master program. The days of manual meter reading, lengthy delays in work order completion, and lapses in customer service accountability are gone. In their place is the new, agile, and reliable Gulf Utility as powered by KARDIA.

Residential Service and Kardia

On the customer service side, KARDIA keeps a detailed history of all customer service interactions with our residential clients. In addition, the customer service representatives are able to access all available account information via KARDIA with a push of a button. KARDIA also runs our Residential Client portal on our newly updated website.

Operations and Kardia

One of the most important features of KARDIA is that it allows any team member to create a work-order at any time. Issues are reported in real time and are instantly queued for resolution, eliminating the usual time-lag between manual logging and data entry. KARDIA notifies our management team who then directs the work order to the appropriate party for repairs or investigation of the issue. The work order is tracked in KARDIA through its prompt resolution. Kardia also allows our team to generate purchase orders that are tied directly to the original work order and issue.  All expenses are connected to a work order through Kardia, minimizing confusion with invoicing and billing at issue resolution.

Municipal Utility Districts and Kardia

Within KARDIA, we have developed a portal for board members that provides 24/7 access to district data. Within this portal, you will be able to access district alerts, water accountability, treatment plant flow, facilities, facility equipment
checks/reads, water quality, and lab results. Our speed and accuracy with KARDIA means that the board members always have access to the most current information about the district.

Mobility and Kardia

Thanks to KARDIA, Gulf Utility is a paperless, cloud based company. This means that the entire company can be managed from off-site, allowing for remarkable agility and responsiveness in emergency situations.